Botany Bayou is a quiet and secluded group of homes nestled up to Hewitt Bayou on the south side of the Choctawhatchee Bay and just north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Welcome to the Botany Bayou Web site.
The HOA board of directors hopes you find this site useful and informative.
We encourage all homeowners to register so that you can view all the features and info on the site. Please include your email address as it will allow the board to communicate important matters about our community directly to you in a timely manner. 
Please feel free to use the community forum to present ideas and discussion on improving our neighborhood


Electronic Mail Notification

Dear Neighbors,

The Botany Bayou Homeowners Association Board of Directors has been advised by our attorneys that per Florida 720 law, owners who would like to receive electronic notification must sign a consent form and that form must be kept on file. The Board wishes to continue to utilize electronic notification as the primary method to communicate with our owners.

 We have attached the consent form for each owner to review and sign which will allow the owner to consent or “opt in” to electronic notifications from the Board of Directors.  Only one signature will be required per lot and the signature must be one of the names on the warranty deed. Please download the form and either drop it in our mailbox at 33 Botany Blvd. or email it back to our secretary at [email protected]

The Board of Directors is encouraging each of you to sign the consent form to receive electronic notifications to further improve our neighborhood and the communication of association notifications to each member.   If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact one of the Board members.

Speed limit in Botany Bayou is 17mph.

Botany Bayou now has a speed limit of 17 mph. It also includes golf-carts and motor-scooters. Please slow down and be mindful of children and walkers in the street.

BB HOA Rules & Restrictions
  • All Trash Cans must be stored either in garage or behind fence out of view from the street
  • No parking in the street
  • No Parking over the curb on grass at anytime
  • Please be courteous and pick up after your pets
  • Children’s toys and sports equipment should be keep back of the forward setback line when not in use
  • Homeowners may dock watercraft at the community dock for up to 48 hours at a time
  • Please pull dock ladder out of water after use
  • Any changes/modifications to outside of homes require ARB approval
  • No boats of any size may be kept in the front yard
  • Boats maybe kept in back yard for up to two weeks for repairs.
  • No yard signs of any kind shall be displayed to public view except realtor sign

The community pool is now open!

Please bear in mind the following important guidelines:
  • The hours of operation are 9:00 AM to Dusk as we are not equipped for night time operations due to the lack of adequate night-time lighting
  • Guests must always be accompanied by their sponsors (owners that live in Botany Bayou)
  • Please no running in the pool area; we would hate to see someone injured as a result
  • Children under 12 require adult supervision